CAMX 2017 preview: ExOne

Originally titled 'Binder Jetting Technology'

The ExOne Co. (North Huntingdon, PA, US) is showcasing its washout tooling process and Binder Jetting.

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The ExOne Co. (North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania) is showcasing its washout tooling process and Binder Jetting. Its Binder Jetting technology is an additive manufacturing process in which a liquid binding agent is selectively deposited to join powder particles. ExOne washout tooling eliminates the expense and long lead time associated with manufacturing multi-piece metal breakdown tooling. It also eliminates the need for multi-piece molds that are used to make castable washout tooling media. ExOne will have several washout tooling parts on display as well as metal parts. 

Jesse Blacker, ExOne production development manager, is giving a presentation about Binder Jet additive manufacturing for water washout tooling. His presentation examines aspects of Binder Jet washout tooling including results of material characterizations studies. Blacker also is discussing printed tooling materials properties including density, compressive strength, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and water solubility characteristics that demonstrate the utility of these materials for tooling trapped shape composites. Booth P80.

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