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CAMX 2014: By composites pros, for composites pros

A variety of composites professionals representing several segments of the industry have worked together to make sure that the CAMX 2014 conference content, speakers and the exhibit hall itself are organized to meet the needs of today's composites professionals. In this way, CAMX 2014 promises to be an event for composites professionals, by composites professionals.

Posted on: 9/24/2014
Source: CompositesWorld

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OCCC West Building

The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., will host the inaugural CAMX, Oct. 13-16, 2014.

Trade show exhibit hall

CAMX 2014 will offer a trade show with more than 550 exhibitors, making it the largest composites exhibition in North America.

Closed Mold Alliance

CAMX 2014 attendees will find, on the show floor, composites manufacturing demonstrations like this one from the Closed Mold Alliance.

Trade show hall 2

CAMX 2014 is co-presented by ACMA and SAMPE, working together for the first time to present a North American composites event that features materials and technology for everything from automotive to aerospace to wind.

You might think that a composites trade show and conference hosted by North America's two largest and most influential composites and advanced materials organizations would be, by definition, a success. And although CAMX 2014, presented jointly Oct. 13-16 in Orlando, Fla., by the ACMA and SAMPE, is on pace to be the continent's largest ever composites tradeshow and conference, it's success will be no accident. A variety of composites professionals representing several segments of the industry have worked together to make sure that conference content, speakers and the exhibit hall itself are organized to meet the needs of today's composites professionals. In this way, CAMX 2014 promises to be an event for composites professionals, by composites professionals.

Several of the members of the CAMX Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from ACMA and SAMPE, have offered their thoughts on the event, why it's important and how it can help you learn more about the materials, equipment, software and technologies shaping the composites industry today.

"The CAMX jointly organized Featured Sessions, developed by a dedicated ACMA-SAMPE team of composites technology professionals during the 12 months leading up to CAMX 2014, provides the most extensive coverage of composites manufacturing state-of-the-art and future insight into critical issues and forecasts into the future," says Dr. Scott Beckwith, SAMPE Global technical director. "A total of 12 high-level, 45-minute presentations by many of the composites industry's key leaders provides in-depth technology coverage on the major areas across our diverse industry: additive manufacturing, automotive markets, consumer product markets, recycling technology, thermoset resin advances, thermoplastic resin advances, composites design and sustainability, automation advances, natural fiber technology, fiber reinforcement advances, clean energy applications, and education requirements. Nowhere else will you find such extensive coverage of composites technology by the assembled global set of experts and visionaries except at CAMX 2014."

"At CAMX you will discover that the composites and advanced materials industries are now at the forefront of manufacturing. This is the place to build a community of people with the same goal as you — to foster awareness of these remarkable materials and their advantages, as well as to help grow your business now and in the future," says Marcy Offner, director of marketing communications at Composites One. "CAMX will showcase a remarkable array of new and emerging technologies that will continue to revolutionize the composites and advanced materials industries. These innovations include stronger lighter-weight materials; faster, more environmentally friendly processes, and relevant applications that are consistent with today's emerging markets."

Offner also notes that attendees will find live demonstrations focusing on closed molding, out-of-autoclave and modern equipment solutions. In addition, CAMX offers Market Segments Networking Reception showcasing the leading markets poised for composites and advanced materials growth.

Tom Haulik, carbon fiber sales manager at Hexcel Corp., notes that pulling CAMX together happened quickly: "The leadership of both organizations [SAMPE and ACMA] came into this with open minds and can-do attitudes and, in a very short period of time, CAMX was born. From the start, the Steering Committee set very high expectations for CAMX. We challenged ourselves to bring forward the best of our respective events and create something where '2 + 2 = 6'". There is the show floor, the technical sessions, the networking opportunities, the awards, the Opening Session/Keynote, the hospitality provided by exhibitors and much, much more."

Ted Lynch, president, SAMPE North America, notes, “With more than 550 exhibiting companies and a projected attendance greater than any other composites or advanced materials event in the U.S., CAMX 2014 in Orlando will be the largest, most broad-based composites show ever held in North America. A successful CAMX 2014 will lay the groundwork for annual CAMX exhibitions and conferences for years to come. The ability for members of the advanced materials community to learn about the state-of-the-art of materials and process engineering, to learn about future research and development plan, and to network with the full range of scientists and engineers in this field at a single location will prove to be invaluable. Clearly, the decision by SAMPE and ACMA to join forces to create CAMX was a great one.” 

Randy Weghorst, chairman emeritis at AOC LLC, lauds the unifying effect of the show: "CAMX is an industry-uniting event. For the first time ever, we bring together all segments of the composites industry. CAMX will be the catalyst to open new doors from growth as technology and business converge to provide size and scale for composites to better compete in the future world of material systems." 

Kevin Spoo, senior research associate at Owens Corning S&T, notes that those familiar with the traditional ACMA technical paper format will find a change at CAMX 2014: "In looking at what we could do better for CAMX, the ACMA Technical Paper Committee decided that we really like the format for the SAMPE papers. The papers were easier for authors to compose and format and easier for readers to reference pictures and charts. So we generously borrowed this format while keeping our traditional acceptance and screening criteria — the best of both worlds. I can imagine some additional changes for the next event after we see how this year plays out."

For more information about CAMX, the conference, Featured Sessions, tutorials, education events, awards, keynote speaker, networking opportunities, exhibitors, registration, lodging and more can be found at www.thecamx.org.

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